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You can schedule your pet's vaccinations online through our Pet Portal? It's easy, convenient, and allows you access vaccination records once done.  Click on the Pet Portal button below!

If you are scheduling a new vaccine appointment, please bring your vaccine records from your prior clinic.

*If you show up after your scheduled appointment, there is no guarantee that we will be able to get you in the same day.

*No appointments after 5:20, including walk-ins.
Recommended* Vaccination Schedule
Puppies and Adult Dogs:
  • 8 weeks old: DA2PP booster 1; Bordetella
  • 12 weeks old: DA2PP booster 2
  • 16 weeks old: DA2PP booster 3, Rabies, 1 yr; schedule spay/neuter and microchip
  • 28 months (1 yr, 4 months): Rabies, 3 yr; DA2PP, 3 yr; Bordetella
Kittens and Adult Cats:
  • 8 weeks old: FVRCP booster 1, feline leukemia test
  • 12 weeks old: FVRCP booster 2, feline leukemia (FeLV) booster 1
  • 16 weeks old: FVRCP booster 3, FeLV booster 2, Rabies 1 yr; schedule spay/neuter and microchip
  • Adult Cats: typically a 1 yr FVRCP and 3 yr Rabies at 28 months
*These are general guidelines.  Vaccines may be delayed if the puppy or kitten is not large enough to be vaccinated safely.  

Vaccines Available at AK SPCA

Rabies:  One of the most important protections for both cats and dogs.  The rabies virus is highly contagious to both animals and humans.  Rabies is fatal for your pet.  The vaccine is usually delivered at 16 weeks old, with a booster one year later.  Subsequent boosters are available in 1-yr and 3-yr doses.
DA2PP:  This is a canine vaccine a protects against both parvovirus and distemper.  In Alaska, parvovirus can live for months on the ground or untreated surfaces.  While both viruses are dangerous to canines of all ages, puppies are especially at risk and the virus can kill them.  The vaccine is usually delivered in three boosters for puppies starting at 8 weeks of age.  Subsequent boosters are available in 1-yr and 3-yr doses.
FVRCP:  This is a feline vaccine that protects against three viruses--rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia.  These viruses are airborne and are often fatal for unvaccinated cats.   The vaccine is usually delivered in three boosters for kittens starting at 8 weeks of age.   Subsequent boosters are available in 1-yr and 3-yr doses.
Bordetella: The bordetella virus is similar to a human cold virus, and causes a hoarse cough in dogs.  We deliver this vaccine orally, and it can be given as early as seven weeks.  Dogs that go to dog parks, doggy day care, are boarded, or have any contact with other dogs should have this vaccine annually.
FeLV: Feline leukemia is a highly contagious virus that is a risk for cats that are going to be outdoors.  Cats should be tested for the presence of the virus before receiving the vaccine.  Outdoor cats or those in catteries should have a booster annually.



Attention multi-pet households
seeking vaccines:
Appointments prior
to regular vaccination hours will be
required if you plan to bring in four or
more animals at once. Please email
vaccines@alaskaspca.org to schedule.
Breeders are encouraged to use their
regular vet instead of our clinic.

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