With gratitude...

Donors are critically important to fulfilling the mission the Alaska SPCA and we would like to recognize the following organizations, businesses, and individuals who provide gifts and bequests that help us protect and care for companion animals in Alaska. 
Many thanks to the 600+ Alaskans who remembered the Alaska SPCA through Pick.Click.Give.
The employees of:
  • BP
  • Municipality of Anchorage
  • Anchorage School District
  • Doyon Utilities
  • Halliburton
  • Brena, Bell & Walker , P.C.
Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church
Dennis Hostetter
Cindy Slats
Larry Minerich & Melanie Shea
The estate of Sarah Bergen
Karen Vochatzer
Susan Call
Maria & Tom Talasz
Peggy Anderson and Jessica White
Viena Vertefeuille
Margaret Carrey
C. Mintons
Bruce & Becky Erickson
Deborah Jeffery
Beraiah Byaly
Debbie Eisenmenger
Jesse Ferman
Sheree Warner Nyren
Marianne Lindley Girten
Kristin Hansen
Krista Schwarting
Jennifer Haines
Tracey Blain
Sarah Pavlik
Krista Kandrick
Meghan Tweit
Susan Oehlers
Anthony Holmes
Lisa Anne Morgan
Jennifer Wilkinson
Ashley Pagni
Luke Sullivan
Greg Closter
Diana Sanders
The estate of Betty Jo Goddard
Terrence Tipton & Brenda    Christoffersen
Isaac Graham
David Young
Julie Grinder
Barbara Keller
John Gliva
Diane Dunham
Fay Graham-Voice
Colleen Savoie & Thomas Wang
Wayne Eski
Karen Vezina
Kathryn Fischer
Gail Johnson
Robin Farrell
Sharon Harbuck
Melody Rowe
Gary Hauser
The Bachers
Carolyn Hillberg
Alice Chaney
Mary Ann Chaney
Kathy Chapman
Jared Parrish
Kelly Donnelly
Sonya Finney
Freedom Kelley
Glenn Peterson
Daniella Rivera
Cindy Hulquist
Naomi Collison
Jon Sapp
Mikayla Romines
Chloe O'Connor
Ashley Buchea
Kiersten Russell
Tracy O'Connor
Hayley Woods
Teanna Hehnlin
Shannon Kirby
Misty Ott
Denise Anderson
Members of IBEW Local 1547
2020 Donors
Holly Hayes
Shelby Martin
Jamie Gensheimer
Amanda Estes
Alexis Baird
Holly Adamson
LuAnn Mitchell
Larry Clarke & Joy Cunningham
Janis Skliar
Blake Phillips
The Fruean Family
Gwen Obermiller
Karla Vazquez
Virginia Soth
Annessa Gabbert
Melanie O'Rourke
Larshe Hoffland
Victoria Steger
Theresia Ridges
Kelly Knecht
Timothy Kirk
Anna Bosin
Courtney Enright
Morgan Phillips
Eleonore Lawson
Diane Primis
Danae Eulloqui
Ryan Newcomer
Renee Bergeron
Crystal Padley
Mary Kay Sorich
Gabrielle Newman
Audrey Lance
Michael Stone
Heather Schrage
Sharona Hlavinka
Liz Mau
Annie DuBois
Jesse White
Tamra Rupe
Dan & Nancy Farrer
Theresa Glaeser
Peter Burke & Valerie Phelps

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