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Can't Keep Your Pet?



Our Home2Home program allows you to list your pet on our website for rehoming while your pet remains in your home. This allows you to be in control of the meet-and-greet, adoption, and rehoming process, and it saves your pet from the stress of shelter life. In order to be approved for Home2Home, pet owners must provide proof of spay/neuter in the form of veterinary records. Aggressive pets or pets with an extensive bite history are not eligible for Home2Home.

Follow the link below to apply for Home2Home. An AKSPCA representative will reach out within 3-5 business days and inform you of your status.

Surrendering a Pet

We take pet parenting very seriously and we consider the adoption or purchase of a new pet to be a commitment throughout their lifetime. We understand that there can be extenuating circumstances that cannot be resolved, but surrendering a pet should always be the absolute last resort. Although we try our best to make the transition as painless as possible, the shelter can be a stressful environment and all pets adjust to it differently.  


Please be aware that the Alaska SPCA Adoption Center receives multiple surrender and transfer requests per day, and as a small shelter, we are unable to accommodate walk-in pet surrenders. We typically have a 2+ month waitlist for dog surrenders and a 1+ month waitlist for cat surrenders. We collect surrender fees based on species and age, ranging from $30 to $75 per pet. 

To inquire about surrendering a pet, please email adopt@alaskaspca.org

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