What to Expect

Bringing a new furry family member home is a major decision.  We want your New Best Friend to be able to live his/her very best life with you, so we go through a couple of steps in our adoption process.   We want to make sure that it's a good fit; some animals come with baggage, meaning that they aren't always a good fit.  Come meet the animal you think you want, spend some time together, and if you have other pets, consider doing a controlled "Meet & Greet" at the Adoption Center. 

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What does the adoption fee cover?
The Alaska SPCA ensures all adoptable pets go to their forever homes spayed/neutered, microchipped and registered. In addition, all pets receive an intake wellness exam with one of our veterinarians, fecal parasite screening and deworming, appropriate diagnostic testing (ie., parvo-virus screening or feline leukemia screening), age-appropriate vaccinations, a dental health check. We also make sure our new pet-parents are fully informed of any ongoing health concerns we are aware of. 

Adoption Fees


  • < 6 months old   $300

  • 6mo.-7 yrs   $250

  • 7+ yrs  $150


  • < 6 months old   $230

  • 6 mo. - 7 yrs   $200

  • 7+ yrs   $65