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Companion animals count on us to look out for them.  If you are aware of a situation where you think an animal is being neglected, abused, or abandoned we urge you to report it.  If you're not sure which of the agencies below to use for reporting, use the form below to submit a report to us. We use the Animal Welfare Five Freedoms as our "Golden Rule" to guide our responses:

The Five Freedoms

All animals deserve freedom from:

  • Hunger and thirst;

  • Discomfort

  • Pain, injury, or disease

  • Penalty for exhibiting normal behavior

  • Fear and distress

Anchorage Animal Care & Control 907-343-8119 / 


Fairbanks Animal Control 907-459-1451 / 

Kenai P Animal Control 907-283-7353 /                                               NO FORM AVAILABLE


Mat-Su Animal Control 907-746-5500 /

Alaska SPCA
Report of Animal Abuse, Neglect or Abandonment
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