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STOP! These opportunities are for low income pet families ONLY. If your household is not considered low-income please complete our standard Spay/Neuter Request.

Part I --Pet Owner
You will need to provide evidence such as a copy of your Medicaid card, current UI eligibility from the State, copy of lease, or copy of most current tax return.  Low income for Alaska is defined as 150% of federal low income guidelines:
Family of 1--$32,100          Family of 5--$77,427
Family of 2--$43,433          Family of 6--$88,758
Family of 3--$54,764
Family of 4--$66,095
We require proof of eligibility.  Please upload a photo of your Medicaid, SSI/SSDI, Sec. 8 housing, UI, or other documentation. 
Upload File

Part II--Pet Information

Please note, without a current rabies cert your pet will be given a rabies vaccine and you will be charged $30.00
Additional Services (additional cost)
Please indicate if your pet has any of the following:
Completion of this application is not a guarantee of an appointment.  You will be contacted by an Alaska SPCA Customer Service Representative to confirm your appointment and to collect payment for any add on services you've requested.  

Thanks for submitting!

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