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Home for the Holidays: A Guide to Thoughtful Pet Adoption

The holiday season has arrived, and it's important to approach the decision of adopting a pet with the right mindset and careful consideration. Pets require significant time, effort, and financial resources to properly care for, and adoption is a lifelong commitment that should not be taken lightly.


Our holiday campaign, "Home for the Holidays," aims to encourage animal lovers to adopt pets with this in mind. We want to emphasize that adopting a pet is a serious responsibility, not just a gift under the Christmas tree. We hope that our supporters understand this message and approach pet adoption with the care and consideration it deserves.


Adopting a pet is a personal experience that involves many factors, such as lifestyle, compatibility, and the amount of energy you have to put into a shelter pet. Many pets require consistent training, and it may take several months to build trust between the adopter and the pet. All of these factors cannot be considered when the pet is given as a surprise gift. Part of the joy of adoption is finding a pet with whom you can truly connect and bring home.


At Alaska SPCA, we have a policy that requires adopters to be fully aware of the adoption process and meet the animal before making any decisions. In cases where the adopter has other pets at home, we require a meet and greet session beforehand, especially for dogs. With cats, we are more flexible, but our primary goal is to provide a permanent home for pets, rather than temporary care.


In conclusion, adopting a pet during the holidays can be a wonderful experience, but it's important to be ready for the responsibilities that come with pet ownership. It's not a good idea to gift a pet as a surprise. At the Alaska SPCA, we believe that pets are lifelong companions. Instead of simply gifting a pet, it can be just as enjoyable to involve the recipient in the adoption process, making it a joint decision filled with excitement and anticipation.

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