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It has come to our attention that individuals not associated with the Alaska SPCA are contacting different agencies and companies, claiming to represent the SPCA in Alaska. We would like to do all we can at this time to reduce the confusion which is being created.

We are the Alaska Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Alaska SPCA) located in Anchorage, AK and have been incorporated for 60 years. While we provide services statewide, we have no other separate affiliate in any other location in the State. Specifically, we have no separate office or affiliate on the Kenai Peninsula, and there is no connection between the Alaska SPCA and an entity currently calling itself the "SPCA of the Kenai Peninsula" nor anyone within that entity.

Please be sure when intending to give donations to the Alaska SPCA that you are indeed donating to us. Our website is . If you have any questions, you can call us at 907 562-2935.

Before giving to any charity/organization please make sure that they are registered with the Alaska State Department of Law as a “Charitable Organization”, that they can show you a determination letter from the IRS stating that they are tax exempt, give you a unique legal tax id (EIN) number and supply a current IRS Form 990.

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The Alaska SPCA is a private, nonprofit organization funded by donations and proceeds from our Thrift Shop. We do not receive any funding from government sources, nor are we affiliated with any national organization. All net proceeds from our services help us forward our mission to reduce the suffering of Alaska's dogs and cats. Thank you on behalf of all the animals!

Alaska SPCA's Programs

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic-with the conviction to reduce pet overpopulation and, in turn, pet suffering.

Low-Cost Vaccination Clinic-with the conviction that prevention of disease should be within every guardian's means.


Prevention Rural Outreach Program-with the conviction that Prevention, not Destruction, is the key to ending pet overpopulation in rural Alaska.

Pet Food Bank-with the conviction to feed empty bellies.

Adoption-with the conviction that every dog and cat deserves a forever guardian.

About the Alaska SPCA

Alaska SPCA has been committed and active in reducing the suffering of Alaska’s dogs and cats before Alaska was even a state! Originally incorporated in 1955 as the Anchorage SPCA, a small team of grassroots volunteers understood that animals need people to guard, watch over and defend their needs.

Today, almost 60 years later, our agency continues with the unshakeable conviction that animals are entitled to basic rights to good care, humane treatment and perpetual protection.

Alaska SPCA's Vision

Our vision is for Alaska to be a state where all cats and dogs experience emotional, physical, and environmental health and lifelong wellness.

Alaska SPCA's Mission

Our mission is to reduce the suffering of Alaska's dogs and cats. 

Alaska SPCA Guardian Angel Campaign

Become a monthly supporter of Alaska SPCA through our Guardian Angel Campaign. 

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Breaking News

Our New Shelter!

Alaska SPCA has purchased a new pet adoption center! Improvements to the building need to be made before we officially open the shelter, and we will need volunteers and donations. Please stay tuned...
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Alaska SPCA @ A Glance

549 W. International Airport Rd. 
Suite B-2
Anchorage, AK 99518
Click here for a map

Business Office
(907) 562-2925  

Spay/Neuter Clinic
(907) 562-2999

Thrift Shop
(907) 562-1092

Pet Adoptions
(907) 344-3090

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