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Honor Friends or Family Members with
Gifts of Hope

Sometimes the right gift is the gift of hope. Hope for a new home; hope for an end to pain; home for a life as a cherished companion; hope for love and attention. These are the hopes of animals in the care of the Alaska SPCA, and you can give that gift, either for yourself or for a friend or family member.

Gift of Hope donations allow you to give hope to a shelter cat or dog, and to honor a friend or family member at the same time. You as the donor receive our heartfelt thanks, and the person in whose name you are donating receives a personalized message from the AKSPCA describing how this gift helps a special animal in our care.

Gifts of Hope are the perfect option for the animal lover in your life. Environmentally friendly, a snap to deliver, and no worries about supply chain problems. Choose a Gift of Hope for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. Giving hope is priceless, for all of us.


Rainbow Bridge

There is no part of helping a beloved pet pass that's easy.


For many of us it is like losing a child or dear family member. The Alaska SPCA is committed to supporting both the people and pets in this sad moment. We are putting together a Rainbow Bridge Room to offer privacy, comfort, and a bit of solace during those difficult moments. Instead of an austere exam room, the Rainbow Bridge Room will be furnished with padded area rugs, comfortable furniture, floor pillows, soft lighting, a refrigerator for all those treats that we typically can't give pets, and soft music. There won't be a hurry to get the family out and people will be supported in their moment of grief.

You can help make this bit of compassion possible. Your gift the Rainbow Bridge Room Fund will help supply furnishings, treats, and special medical devices that help ease the process. None of us look forward to that awful moment, but your support will help make it just a bit easier for all involved.

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