Spay/Neuter Appointment Request

Please complete the form below, one form for each pet.  You will not be able to submit if you leave certain fields empty.  Once you've submitted your form a Customer Service Representative will contact you with possible dates.  MONITOR YOUR EMAIL FOR APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION AND PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS. DEPOSITS ARE REQUIRED TO CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT. Please note that due to high volume you may have to wait up to eight weeks for your appointment.  Do not contact the Clinic by phone to check the status of your request as it will delay scheduling your appointment.  If you have questions you can contact

Spay/Neuter Request Form
Part I--Owner Information

Part II--Pet Information

Note: It is not uncommon in males for one testicle to remain tucked into the animal's abdomen.  This is known as "cryptorchid." Your pet can still be neutered but the surgery takes longer.  There is also a surcharge.  
Does your pet have any of the following high-risk conditions?
A current rabies vaccination is required for surgery.  You must provide proof of vaccination (i.e., rabies certificate) at check in.  If you do not provide proof your pet will be given a rabies vaccine at time of surgery and a charge of $23 will be added to your bill.  
Part III--Services Requested
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Service add ons:
There may be additional charges for animals that are high risk, have pre-existing conditions, are seniors, or are greater than 100 lbs.  The prices here are for reference only.

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