The most frequent complaint I hear about our organization is how difficult it is to get a human being on the phone. I get it; it's really frustrating for all of us. The Alaska SPCA Clinic gets more than 600 calls per day, and up to this point all of those calls have come in over two lines. That means that for every call answered by a CSR, three more have been going straight to voicemail. Whether you have a simple question or are trying to follow up on a surgery complication, all calls have gone into the same black hole with no way for us to sort and prioritize, and making return calls that much more difficult. We hear you and we hate it, too.

That all changes Friday, October 9, 2020 at 7am (can you tell we're excited?). With the able support from GCI we are converted our antiquated and dysfunctional phones to a spiffy new system with much better functionality. We've shortened the initial greeting (yes, we heard all of you complaining about the length) and created shortcuts for you to better direct your calls to the right person. There are separate options for calls regarding vaccines, to schedule spay/neuters, and to schedule exams. It will take us a day or two to get the hang of the ins and outs of the new system, but our goal is to better serve you. As always, if you do get a voicemail greeting, please leave a clear message. We're not ignoring you; we're talking to one of the other dozens of callers trying to get through and all of our incoming lines (more than doubled in the new system) are full.

Our goal is to provide quality care for your pet and superior customer service to you. Sometimes we struggle with the customer service aspect. The new phone system is one step toward correcting that. We appreciate your patience and kindness as we move forward. As always, you can call or email me with concerns or issues, 907-562-2935 or .

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