Application for Dental Services

The Alaska SPCA has very limited capacity to offer dental care to pets who are in the most need.  We cannot accommodate all pets.  If you have an established relationship with another veterinarian, we will advise you to see that veterinarian for care.  Allocation of appointments is based on several factors including income and the availability of appointments on our schedule.

Please complete the form below.  If you meet the criteria a Customer Service Representative will contact you to schedule. 

Application for Dental Services
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Please check the conditions tha apply to your household:
Income limits
Household of 1          $32,180/yr
Household of 2          $43,540/yr
Household of 3          $54,900/yr
Household of 4          $66,260/yr
Household of 5          $75,350/yr
Household of 6          $84,420/yr
We will be verifying eligibility based on the information you provide.  Please upload a photo of verification documentation based on the conditions you described (i.e., a photo of your unemployment status; the adjusted gross income from your most recent tax return; copy of your SSI/SSDI determination, or something else that we can use to verify need.).
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