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Two years ago the Alaska SPCA closed our very old shelter which had outlived its useful life. The property was sold a year later, and the Alaska SPCA Board conducted an exhaustive search for a suitable replacement. We are very proud to announce that on March 24, 2014, we purchased property with a building for a new pet adoption center.


Are you my guardian, my protector, the one who will make me a part of your forever home?

The Alaska SPCA is deeply committed to reduce the suffering of Alaska’s dogs and cats.

One way we do so is by rescuing animals in need, then finding them lifetime placement with families like yours.


Through the Alaska SPCA Thrift Shop and Clinic locations we house several cats who are in need of finding a forever guardian. We encourage you to visit with these kitties by stopping by or calling 907-562-2900 to schedule an appointment.


We do not house dogs at our Thrift Shop or Clinic. It is through our website that we connect people to dogs who are in need of finding a forever guardian. If there is a dog that you are interested in becoming a part of your family, you will need to schedule a time with the rescue coordinator or foster of the dog. Use the contact information on Petfinder.

Many of our cats come through Anchorage Animal Care and Control or situations of neglect. These animals often have illness or behaviors that take time, resources and loving care to help them on their path to recovery. Each animal is unique, and we treat them as such.

Their stories are a beginning for you to learn what makes them unique and to find out who will be a good match for you and your family.

The Goal of Alaska SPCA

We are dedicated to the successful and lifetime placement of our animals into loving homes. A new pet is a lifelong commitment. We take that commitment seriously, and we expect our adoptive families to take it seriously, too. We make every effort to find the right home for each animal, so when you apply for one of our animals, please be prepared to complete a thorough application, go through a personal interview and provide references.

The Alaska SPCA Adoption process

We implement a thorough application-screening process, with a mandatory 24-hour waiting period. If approved, you start a 3-day home trial. If the trial period goes well, and you decide to adopt your new family member, you would then call 907-562-2900 to arrange a time to finalize your adoption.

Alaska SPCA location for adoption

Meet our cats for adoption in the cat enclosure at the Alaska SPCA Thrift Shop, 549 W. International Airport Rd., right next to our clinic.

Each week one of our cats is spotlighted on the Anchorage Daily News Critter Corner.

Prevention, Not Destruction

The stark reality is that there are more litters born each year than there are homes.

During difficult financial times communities experience an increase in abandoned and relinquished dogs and cats.

Alaska SPCA knows that the way to stop the cycle of homelessness is by providing affordable spay/neuter surgeries. Prevention, not destruction.


Local Rescues and Shelters in Alaska

Disclaimer: Each group is independent of Alaska SPCA. The Alaska SPCA provides these links as a way to help more dogs and cats find their forever guardian.

Other groups interested in being listed, please email

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