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Alaska SPCA Staff & Volunteers

Kim Cherrier

Business Manager

Even when she is busy managing the business affairs of Alaska SPCA, Kim provides enthusiastic support for our team. She is an intelligent sounding board for all of our ideas and has kept an enormous amount of detail under constant control. She lightens our days with her cheerful, hardworking presence and sunny disposition. Kim is a devoted advocate for companion animals and enjoys the company of an adorable little Bichon Frisé and two beautiful cats.

bichon frise

Paula Schmidt, DVM

Paula Schmidt, DVM

Staff Veterinarian

Dr. Schmidt moved to Alaska from Illinois in 2004. She had wanted to live in Alaska ever since the sixth grade, in Kansas. Her teacher, Carol Mohling, had spent summers backpacking in Alaska and loved sharing photos from her trips. This same teacher instilled the values of native American rights, animal rights, environmental conservation, and altruism. These values and this positive influence led Paula to special education and the career of school psychology.

Paula served as a school psychologist for 8 years in Iowa and Illinois before being called to give voice to the truly voiceless, animals. She earned her DVM in Illinois in 2003. Paula worked in private practice from 2003-2006 and owned her own practice in Anchorage from 2006 to 2011.

Dr. Schmidt joined the Alaska SPCA in the fall of 2011. She loves working at the SPCA because the people she works with all have the same goal-to improve the lives of animals. Paula’s spare time is spent outdoors doing anything in Palmer with her husband, Chris, dogs, Lax and Murphy, and African grey parrot, Loki (who enjoys the indoors).   

Roseanna Desarmo, Receptionist

Roseanna Desarmo


Roseanna is grace under pressure, keeping her calm, friendly demeanor under the intense pressure of a very busy clinic. She lives with a tiny, little, shaky dog whose goofy antics keep her laughing and her spirits high.

Lori Cornett, Vet Assistant

Lori Cornett

Vet Assistant

Lori is from Redondo Beach, California, and has spent her life working for the well-being of animals. After working for 15 years in animal control, Lori knows firsthand that we must act on the principle of “Prevention not Destruction.” Every litter prevented is lives saved. There is no doubt Lori was meant to work with animals, but she also enjoys the clinic team and considers them a fun crew. Congratulations to Lori on 15 years of service to Alaska SPCA, reducing the suffering of Alaska’s dogs and cats day by day. Lori lives with her right hand dog, Morgan, and 2 donkeys.

Becca Shier, Adoption Coordinator

Becca Shier

Adoption Coordinator

Becca was born and raised here in Anchorage, Alaska, and has always lived with pets. She has previously been very involved in child welfare (and still is) but is very excited to be a part of the animal welfare world, too! "It's not that much different, ya know. Most of these animals have had some very trying times and just need a forever family to love and care for them." Becca works hard to spread the word about our available animal friends and has two cats of her own, Blaze and Mac.

Kelli Razo, Pet Care Specialist

Kelli Razo

Pet Care Specialist

Known as the “Crazy Cat Lady,” Kelli hails from the great state of Washington. She has lived in Alaska for many years and has owned pets all her life. She shares her household with 7 cats and 3 dogs.  Kelli is our Pet Care Specialist extraordinaire and is responsible for ensuring that our cats are well cared for and happy. Kelli maintains a clean, safe and enjoyable environment for our cats. The loving care and attention Kelli lavishes on our cats means potential adopters see our kitties at their best.

Portia Johnson, Volunteer

Portia Johnson


Portia is from Oakland, California. She has been volunteering since March 2012. Portia enjoys helping out with the store, caring for the cats, and especially socializing cats that have trouble interacting with others. "It's a challenge, but they have had hard upbringings. They deserve unconditional love just like anybody else."

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